5 Classifications of a Conference Call

Nowadays, the technology has completely shifted the level of working to new heights. There are machines and web services for every single kind of work we need. In addition to it, there are services to get connected and make easy conference calls too.

The calls which need more people to connect at the same time may be termed as a “Session Call”.in this type of calls, more than 2 people are needed. Actually at times, when you need to have a meeting on any topic or have a group discussion. And at times you are not at one place, there is something which can help you out on such terms, and that’s the network calling system.

Under this article, we will tell you about the different categories of this calling system:

  1. Audio conferencing services – This has now become very common in terms of organizing online meetings and friends discussions. This type of platform lets more than 2 participants to connect to the same platform at a time and have discussions on the topic which they have asked for.
  2. Collaboration – A conference call is a very good way to collaborate the office or topics related information. This has been a great way to transmit the informative from one place to another in a short time. This also enhances the update measures in respect of the company’s new policies and notices.
Easy conference calls
Easy conference calls
  1. Conference Bridge – It is a kind of switch provided by the telephone provided.It is also managed by the-provider. It is used to join more than 2 participants on the same platform at a time. It can be set up both as a reservation-less service or as automated one too.
  2. Conference call preview – The session’s call preview is available if you have enabled your call recording for your conference call.it allows you to access your recorded conference calls and mp3 files you have previously done using the web portal. Not only you can listen to your conference calls, but you can also download them.
  3. Custom greetings – It is the type of brand greetings which a host caller gives in form of messages or voice calls to all the participants of the group.it is a type of welcome greets for all the participants of the group.

So, here were the major 5 terms of a conference call system which I told you about. I hope you will get some help out from this article.