Can E-cigarettes Support Someone to Quit Smoking?

The fluid present in the E-cigarette is named as eLiquid. This fluid is usually made up of nicotine, PG (propylene glycol) and some other flavoring elements. The health and benefits of e-cigarette are uncertain. The long term effect is also unknown. E-cigarettes are possibly safer than smoking tobaccos for users.

Whether E-cigarettes more addictive?

Electronic cigarettes are commonly known as “E-cigs”. These are using as the helping tool to quit the smoking habit. From a research, it was studied that, an E-cigarette is not at all addictive as the traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, but they can vaporize nicotine and other flavoring substances. Hence it has been found that E-cigarettes are not at all addictive.

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Whether E-cigarettes approved by FDA?

E-cigarettes can vaporize nicotine and any other flavoring elements present in it. It has been authorized by FDA in April 2014. It would allow the agency to check the manufacturer of E-cigarettes. Nicotine gels and other products which are related to tobacco have to obtain their approval from FDA before going to market.

Can it help someone to quit the smoking habit?

Many E-cigarette companies fair their product as a tool which helps smokers quit. Though, the center for drug evaluation and research has not approved yet but E-cigarette is an effective and safe method to help the smokers to quit the habit.

From a study, it has seen that, many E-cigarette users are continuing with E-cigarette along with the regular cigarettes. One of the Surgeon has found that even smoking a single cigarette in a day can be dangerous to your health.

The public health service of U.S has found that, group, individual or phone cessation are the most effective way to quit smoking habits. Any association or authority has not mentioned directly that E-cigarette helps smokers quit.

E-cigarettes and Youth:

Youth are using this E-cigarette at an increasing rate. In between 2014 and 2015, some studies have found that the use of E-cigarette has increased by 19 percent just because of high school students. More teens are using E-cigarettes than cigarettes.

Now cheap eLiquid is available in markets and E-cigarettes are also available in a huge amount. Now kids can also purchase E-cigarette easily online which includes youth access restrictions too. These restrictions are needed to protect kids from becoming the addict of cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are tobacco products. The health association is concerned about the impact on the public health. As they are the most commonly used tobacco products by youth, more safeguards will be put in the public health place.