What is Implantation and what are its Signs?

Most of the people consider that a pregnancy is a process that takes place with the union of egg and sperm. Some of them think that this process occurs with the process of fertilization. Actually, the thing is, when the egg is fertilized, it remains as “Detached”.

For a mother, it is tiny and it has to become a wide womb. In the process of fertilization, the tiny embryo slowly becomes into the cluster of multiplying cells. After that, the blastocyst develops and it grows through a number of phases. All these things occur before it is prepared to “Knob Up” with the mother. This knob or hook up is named as “Implantation”.

Fertility Clinic London
Fertility Clinic London

When the blastocyst is ready, it settles into the womb and at the sides of the uterus. At the process of implantation, officially we can say the pregnancy process takes place and the tissue secretes the hormone HCG. This process, implantation takes place after some days of ovulation. At this time you can take the early pregnancy test.

Signs of Implantation:

Implantation signs are not so big and vast. In this process, few signs are seen. From these signs, pain is a sign. While releasing the egg, the mother can feel some pain. Actually, the first sign is the positive pregnancy test report. This report will show you that yes, you are pregnant. On the other hand, some women do feel the implantation bleeding. Another sign is the uterine lining. This lining is in the color of typical brown or reddish. From these signs, you can recognize that you are pregnant. These signs are countable and are useful during the process of implantation.

This process happens when the fertilized egg is involved to the uterine wall by itself. Once the fertilization occurs, the fertilized egg stays in the Fallopian tube for 3 days. After that, it enters into the uterus where it gets close to the uterus.

Once the process of implantation occurs, most women experience the symptoms of implantation. The symptoms are:-

  • Brest tenderness
  • Spotting
  • Cramping
Fertility Clinic London
Fertility Clinic London

If you are feeling these symptoms, then you are pregnant. The implantation process is a painless process. Pain occurs due to ovulation. The process of ovulation is also painless. It doesn’t occur during the fertilization of egg and sperm.

In the entire process, the pregnancy test is important and this should happen in a good clinic. Many clinics are there which are famous for the pregnancy test. These types of clinics are present in large number. Among all the “Fertility Clinic London” is the best and is famous for this test.