What Are The Risks Of Nail Guns and How to Stay Safe?

There is no doubt that nail guns get faster job completion. Nail guns complete their job within a short period of time. But everything has some risks. Nail guns also have some risk factors. It is obvious that more power comes with more responsibility and more risks. Similarly, nail guns also have some risks. But that doesn’t mean it has no solution. Obviously, it has its risk erasers.

In this post mainly we have focused on 2 major risks and how to overcome from those risks. Before you start a new big project with the nail gun, it is important to know the risk factors and the solution for those risk factors. So that you can be able to do your job with no risk zone. So let’s move into the topic.

  • Nail guns can shoot at over 100 miles:

A typical nail gun can drive up to 3″ nail. It can drive more than 100 miles per hour. It can also be able to drive about 150 feet in a second. That is very serious power. It is a serious power. So during the operation, you may face some risks. So how to overcome from those risks let’s know;

The importance of trigger gun:

To prevent the accidental shooting of nails, most manufacturers have implemented a trigger on the nail gun. It can help you in controlling the nail gun. That means it can protect from the unwanted shooting. So manufacturers have implemented the trigger on the nail gun just to protect the unwanted accidents.

best air framing nailer
best air framing nailer
  • Accidents can happen if your finger is on the trigger:

The best advice is, if you are totally new to the nail gun, then it will be better to take guidance from the experts. So that it will be better for your safety. Otherwise use under supervision. If you are using the trigger nail gun, then you’ll need to take extra care of it while moving from one place to another with the gun.

Keep your finger off the trigger:

Always hold the nail gun from the handle. Avoid holding the gun from the trigger. Keep your finger off from the trigger. So that you can keep yourself away from any unwanted accident. 12″ is the safe distance. Keep your fingers away from the trigger up to 12″. Keeping these things in mind, it is better, in fact, the best is to use the best air framing nailer. The best framing nailer has less risk and you can use it safely.