What are the Tasty Protein Treats that Dogs like?

Organic dog food is the best treats for dogs. Other foods like the processed meat, fillers and byproducts are not good for the health of dogs, hence must be avoided. If you want to save much of your money, then it is better to make the dog food items at your home. By doing so, you will also be satisfied that your dog is eating some organic and safe food product and on the other hand your dog’s health will be okay.

When a person purchases a new dog or puppy, they don’t have any idea about the dog food and how to care. At such situation taking the help of experts, or going through the articles relating to dog care and dog food will help you a lot. The best option for the dog food is to prepare it yourself at your home.

It will be healthy for your dog, and no side effect can be seen. It is only possible if you have enough time so that you can prepare the dog food. But in case you a working person or very busy person then it is better to purchase it from shops.

Important Dog Chew Foods
Important Dog Chew Foods

What are the important points to be kept in mind before buying a dog food?

Organic Ingredients

Make sure that the dog food is organic and no preserved ingredient can harm your dog. The organic dog treats contain whole grains, a variety of vegetables, fruits, and many such natural products. Try to purchase low-sugar and low-fat product for your dog, and it will keep them healthy.

Meat Content

Most of the dog food contains raw meat say beef or chicken. There is a calculation of the weight of the Meat before they are dehydrated, and as a result, meat comes at the top of the ingredients list. After it barley, brown rice is included in the dog food which provides energy to the dogs.

Trusted Dog Food Brand

You must always go for purchasing such brands of dog food that are trustworthy. Never trust on the newly launched dog food brands quickly as they can have certain changes in the quantity or quality of the dog food ingredients.

Avoid by Products

The byproduct of the chicken or beef meat is in use by many of the dog food companies. What they do is they use the real fresh meat for human consumption, and the leftovers are for dog food products. By doing so the primary nutrition, and protein does not reach to your dog.

Different bully sticks, dog chews contain different ingredients, you can select according to your need and your dog’s choice as well.

An Overview of Dog Health and Care

Bringing a dog as the pet to home is not sufficient. It is important to taking care of its health properly. Health is important than anything else. It is the main thing for any type of pet. Especially if you are bringing a pet to your home, then it is vital. In this post, we are discussing the easy ways and methods that will help you to take care of your pet. So let’s move into the topic.

Before doing anything, it is important to know the situation and the symptoms that make your pet abnormal. Many symptoms are there. But the main thing among all is “Anxiety“. An anxiety can change the normal behavior of a dog. Do you think that only extraordinary things make the behavior change? Then the answer is no. Regular things can also be the cause of the anxiety. So here are some things, which are the reasons for anxiety.

Jax and Bones
Jax and Bones
  • Unfamiliar visitors (new friends/ new relatives etc.)
  • Loud noise (loud volume music/ vacuum cleaner/ drilling or building works etc.)
  • Domestic violence or arguments
  • Other pets (cat/ other pet dog/ rabbit etc.)
  • Change in daily routine (feeding time/ owners leaving/ not going outside etc.)
  • Irregularity
  • Lots of movement and excitements

All these things are the signs of anxiety. That means, if all these things are happening around, then these things can increase the anxiety and stress of your dog. Let’s talk about the other valid reasons which enhance the stress level of your dog.

Signs of Stress:

You may think that your dog is happy and confident. But as human beings, we forgot to notice all the things that are happening around. Sometimes they live in stress and anxiety whether they do behave normal. Worried about this? Are you thinking how to know the reasons and handle all the things? Ok fine. No need to worry. We’ll give you some ideas regarding this. So that it will be easy for you to point out the symptoms regarding your dog’s stress. Here are some points which will show you the signs of stress and anxiety.

Jax and Bones
Jax and Bones
  • Ears back: In the stress time, ears look flat against the head.
  • Panting: Panting means, breathing in open mouth that too in normal temperature.
  • Stress yawn: More intense than the sleepy and relaxed yawn.
  • Low tail: The length of the tail looks like decreased as it hangs less than the normal time in between two legs.
  • Avoidance: Turning the whole body or head from a particular person or situation
  • Growling: A different vocal sound that is totally different from the normal voice.

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